Upcoming Signings

Maverick Autographs is please to announce a private signing with one of the newest Blue Jays Kendrys Morales. Morales was formally with the Kansas Royals, where he won a World Series Title.  Maverick Autographs is taking pre-orders for this signing which will happen on April 15th 2017. The following items and their prices will only be good until April 13th, 2017 by 2pm MST. After this date/time the items will return to their regular retail prices. 

Regular items include (photos, cards, baseballs, toys, books, etc)
Premium items include (jerseys, bats, canvas prints, caps, full size equipment, etc.)

signed MLB Baseball: Reg 150.00 on sale for 110.00

signed MLB Baseball: Reg 250.00 on sale fror 180.00

signed Replica Blue Jays jersey: Reg 380.00 for 280.00

These price do not include GST, but do include shipping.